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Virtual Skin Care

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What Is Virtual Skin Care?

  • Virtual skin care starts with a virtual (video) consultation. Can be done on mobile devices, video calls, zoom, and other web platforms from the comfort of your home, office, etc. 

  • A virtual consultation consists of a professional digital experience with a licensed esthetic specialist.

  • The esthetician and client discuss issues and goals, current regimen, health and lifestyle habits, allergies or sensitivities to products and ingredients, then performs a visual skin assessment and creates a personalized skin care protocol to follow at home.

  • Recommends products, treatments, at home regimens and other helpful tips to get the best results possible.

Benefits Of Virtual Skin Care:

  • Expert Skin Care Advice & Client Education

  • Professional Quality Products 

  • Customized Products & Protocols 

  • Follow-Up Support

  • Convenient

  • Save Time

  • More Affordable vs. In Office Visits

Natural Cosmetics in Petri Dish

$50 Virtual Consultation Fee

(30 - 45 min.)

Plus + Get $25 Credit Towards Your Products

*Valid Only On Orders Over $50 

*$7 Shipping or Get Free Shipping On Orders Over $50

*Must Purchase @ Time Of Consultation


Skin Script Rx

Professional Quality

 Plant Based


Cruelty Free

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